Is cyber defense the new cybersecurity?

For years, cybersecurity has been one of the most prevalent subjects in IT discussions, strategies, and budgets. What was once a discretionary add-on has become a basic requirement for organizations across all industries. Now, experts and enterprises are shifting their focus away from cybersecurity as a whole, drilling down into its individual subsets. Enter cyber defense. […]

Cyber Attacks are Increasing… Prepare Now

Cyber Attacks are Increasing... Prepare Now

In light of current world events, organizations and individuals should be hyper vigilant about proactively monitoring for cyber threats and taking extra measures to protect data and assets.

Ransomware Demands Our Attention Now

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We’re living in an era of ever-advancing ransomware attacks. In the past year, this malware was used repeatedly to threaten and cripple critical infrastructure and services, causing widespread issues from gas shortages to a disruption of the world’s meat supply.

Mentoring the Next Generation of Tech Workers

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If you have a mentor, you will likely reap the rewards throughout your career. Mentors, often those in positions of leadership with many years of experience, act as capacity builders and trusted advisors on specific work-related issues or on career decisions, some of which may impact even larger life paths.

Top 10 Tips for National Computer Security Day

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Is it any wonder that Black Friday nearly coincides with National Computer Security Day? As the holidays approach and we continue to shop online, it is a fitting time of year to think about protecting your data and devices.