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Welcome to the Era of “Everything as a Service”

The transformational impact of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on enterprise IT is entwined with the success of Salesforce, the growth of the internet, and the proliferation of broadband, mobile phones, and browsers. The concept of accessing tools and services via the internet to enable customization and flexibility continues to evolve to meet the demands of the dynamic enterprise environment. More than 20 years after Salesforce’s inception, the nature of business requires that virtually every tool and service have the option to be turnkey, pay-as-you-go, user-friendly, and remotely accessible.

Welcome to the era of “everything as a service”

Everything (or “anything”) as a service (XaaS) describes a general category of services accessed remotely and delivered through the cloud. Tools that fall within the XaaS category are generally paid for in a flexible consumption model rather than as an upfront purchase or license.

This is an appealing approach to funding the growth and success of an enterprise in part because companies have the ability to pay for only what they need. There is no investment required for hardware that must be maintained in a physical space, and there is no worry about components failing or becoming obsolete.

Benefits for enterprises

XaaS offers flexibility and scalability, enabling enterprises to adapt on the fly to everything—from a change in headcount to an update in data preservation policies. Companies can add and subtract services as needed, increasing cost efficiency.

The time, resources, and real estate required to own, manage, and maintain IT tools constitute a large commitment. With XaaS, companies can offload that headache to the provider. Apps are installed, custom-configured, and delivered to the company ready to provision.

An XaaS approach fosters an environment of innovation because companies can upgrade to new offerings as soon as they’re available. This forward momentum toward digital transformation ensures a competitive edge against the competition, and also contributes to a workplace that is appealing to tech-minded employees.

Future of XaaS

No one understands this continuous momentum towards the service model better than the big tech companies. In 2019, HPE CEO, Antonio Neri pledged that every HPE product would be available as a service by 2022. This past July, he announced that this pledge had been accomplished. HPE’s “edge to cloud” architecture provides a single platform experience, delivering services to any device, wherever that device may be.

As an HPE partner, Pacxa understands that not all apps, especially critical, are suited for XaaS for Hawaii companies.  We are here to help customers figure out which ones are and how to  access the power of HPE’s XaaS model and its leading edge technologies. Contact us about leveraging XaaS to realize cost savings, boost operational agility, and bolster digital transformation.

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