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Driving Employee Engagement with Yammer

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IT teams should be aware of the many communication and collaboration tools available to their organizations, especially as these tools evolve and progress. Leveraging these resources can bring team members together, create operational efficiencies, and have transformational impacts. Particularly in the era of remote work, we are reimagining the workday and how we bring employees together.

One tool that companies are increasingly employing is Yammer, a highly accessible enterprise social networking service built into almost every Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plan.

Redesigned in 2020, Yammer offers a full spectrum of communication capabilities, from private messaging to live event streaming. The platform has proven invaluable to many of our clients, and Pacxa employees rely on it as well. Microsoft Teams is our work-related collaboration tool, and Yammer is our social one.

The Modern Day Water Cooler

Yammer is an effective tool for driving employee engagement. In their daily lives, people are accustomed to connecting on many levels via various social media platforms. Yammer brings that concept to the workplace. Internally, our employees use the platform to join communities, such as “Tech Talk” and “Foodies.” Yammer is our modern day “water cooler” or “break room,” where colleagues chat and share information.

Yammer encourages employees to develop new ideas, ultimately leading to cross-collaboration amongst and between teams. Knowledge sharing inspires collaboration and fosters innovation, keys to any organization. It also brings some much-needed levity to the workday – especially because remote employees miss out on group lunches and in-person conversations.

Leverage Large Scale Communications

Yammer provides the ability to engage company leadership by way of live events. This means that employees are engaged at scale, when live virtual events merit gathering the entire company. These types of happenings help to foster culture by bringing people together and underscoring the fact that they are part of a larger organization. Also, the platform features analytics that can be used to track activity and measure engagement.

Microsoft Viva Integration

On February 4, Microsoft announced a brand-new employee experience solution called Microsoft Viva. Viva combines the capabilities of tools across the organization, including Yammer, to empower people and teams to work better, from anywhere. Yammer is a part of Viva Connections, an arm of the platform that brings users “a curated, company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and other resources.” Yammer communities, or groups that connect people through shared interests and topics, serve an important role in boosting engagement, and this benefit is captured by Viva.

Pacxa Knows Yammer

Our Pacxa team has the knowledge and experience to help you leverage Yammer to build communities and boost engagement across your organization. Contact us at to learn how to activate or add on the tool.

For Yammer adoption guides, training, and other documentation, go to Microsoft’s resource center.

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