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Q&A with In Line Flooring

Q&A with In Line Flooring image

Pacxa customer In Line Flooring, the Kalihi-based commercial floor installer and essential business, faced a daunting challenge as the realities of the pandemic set in; how to keep employees safe while remaining fully operational? Turning to Pacxa for help, In Line President, Taryn Miyamoto, learned that a suite of apps installed on employees’ phones could be a game changer. ServiceNow’s user-friendly Emergency Response Management suite gave In Line the tools they needed to handle health checks, exposure tracking, and more.

We talked to Taryn and her Office Manager, Joana Story, about their experience. See our full Q&A below.

What challenges were you facing before you started using the apps?

We are an essential business, so closing during the initial COVID shut down was not an option. Our employees and their families were concerned about their levels of exposure to COVID in the workplace, so our biggest challenge was figuring out how to create an environment that was safe for our employees. As flooring installers, we could not work from home. Because the virus spreads mainly from person to person, we needed to find a way to monitor and track who our employees were going to work with. 

What were you looking for in a solution? 

We needed a way to track if someone was or could have been exposed to COVID. Tracking needed to be done daily, so the process had to be straightforward and responses needed to be quickly accessible. We sought a solution that was simple, reliable, and offered a mobile platform. 

How did you choose the ServiceNow offering? 

We are a small business with little experience in technology. We were introduced to ServiceNow by Pacxa, who gave us the opportunity to use the platform to contact trace our employees. Pacxa makes things easy for us. If we had any questions or needed help, they were always responsive. 

How challenging was it to get employees to use the apps? 

From the start, our employees understood the purpose of the app: to help provide a safe work environment. Not everyone in our company was familiar with or comfortable using technology, so the initial set up took a little more time for some employees. The main challenge was creating the daily habit of submitting responses. (We require each employee to enter a response before work each day.) By the second week, we were at a 90% response rate. 

How much extra time do they have to spend using the apps? 

It takes less than one minute to create a response. 

How has it made a difference in your operations? 

The ServiceNow app simplifies our processes and saves us so much time. Everything is automated, so we do not have to send out notifications or input data. Information is timely and easy to access. It allows us to focus our resources on running our business instead of on COVID.

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