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Aug 10


Pacxa helps move 12,000 State of Hawaii employees to Office 365

In 2013, the State of Hawaii engaged Pacxa to help establish an enterprise wide Microsoft Active Directory to connect all of the state agencies. The State of Hawaii had a decentralized IT structure and its 13 agencies ran a wide variety of email platforms and software making communication and collaboration extremely challenging.

Over the course of the project, the State and Pacxa discussed additional ways to improve on the existing software that the various agencies were using. In addition, the state also had to contend with a lot of compliance requirements which became part of a broader discussion about moving to cloud services. Pacxa made a compelling case for the adoption of the complete cloud-based Office 365 suite of online productivity tools because of the extensive work that has gone into making it highly secure, which helps organizations comply with major regulations like HIPAA for healthcare and CJIS for criminal justice and public safety.

In 2014, the state moved forward and licensed 14,000 seats of Office 365, including Skype for business Online for instant messaging, and Exchange Online for email and calendaring. Pacxa was initially retained to help with the migration from end to end, beginning with the pilot program for 500 employees. The adoption was fairly slow that year. In 2015, Todd Nacapuy, Chief Innovation Officer, was hired and significantly increased the speed of deployment. Pacxa was able to successfully move over 11,000 employees to Office 365 with plans to continue expanding that number.

As the user base increased, the State found new ways to innovate using Office 365. A few examples include the use of SharePoint Online to track the flow of over 2,500 bills that are introduced each session of the State Legislature. OneNote is used so that staff members can download the details of each bill they are interested in and track it through the entire legislative session. Office 365 was extremely helpful when the state healthcare insurance exchange closed in December 2015. The 5 different state agencies had to band together to maintain communication with the federal exchange, preserve all necessary documents, and produce a 1095-C Healthcare tax from for all relevant Hawaii taxpayers. According to Todd Nacapuy, “If we didn’t have a suite of tools like Office 365, I have no idea how we would have done it. I have people at the director level telling me regularly that Office 365 and tools like OneNote have changed their lives”.

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